Onsite mechanics, the story …

Whether it is for a specific project or an innovation, our mechanics are ready for action. Beanmachine will make growth possible using vigorous interventions and smart instruments.


Your permanent employee leaves and you’re looking for a worthy replacement.

When there’s a sudden vacant position in your organisation, Beanmachine is able to jump in swiftly, guaranteeing your services. Meanwhile, you’re creating the opportunity to re-draw the lines of the vacant position. Perhaps new challenges have developed? Perhaps the context has changed? Which new frames or alternative roles might offer new and fitting perspectives?

beanmachine onsite mechanics

Your organisation is in motion or is exposed to major changes.

After a merge, redevelopment, downsize, … Beanmachine can provide you with extra manpower. Simultaneously we will prove ourselves as a solid partner, helping you to realise changes and coaching you wherever needed.

beanmachine onsite mechanics

Organising solid and lasting ‘change’ within your organization.

Shortly after a transition, your biggest challenge is to establish an enduring behavioural modification. Extra support and coaching will help you to sustain this new approach.

beanmachine schema


Establishing a solid transition requires long lasting attention. In many organisation a new-established matrix tends to fade away rather quickly. Strong and vigorous impulses need further monitoring.
The capability and time to sustain an organisational change aren’t always present in-house. Beanmachine knows that a strong in-house network is essential. We’re able to coach and co-ordinate your project officers within the agreed time frame. This way we can guarantee real progression.
In order to change a ‘habit’ it’s often needed to radically shake the ‘habitat’. Using our external viewpoints, Beanmachine will design a new ‘habitat’ in order to make new ‘habits’ succeed. But YOU will hold the ownership: the problem and the solution are both yours.


During the first stage, we’ll create extra perception on the upcoming challenges with the help of our Beanmachine specs: ALIGNED, CONNECTED, RESPONSIVE.
Does your organisation run ‘aligned’? To which extent is your organisation ‘connected’ and how strong are these connections? How ‘responsive ‘ is your organisation regarding the new context?
We question all different channels intensively. We run along with your daily operations. We monitor accurately.


At the moment the specific challenge is crystal clear, we’ll decide upon the goals and scope. We’ll discuss further engagement, timing and resource planning. We’ll cut up the entire assignment in different phases.
For each ‘phase’ we’ll look into which ‘smart machinery’ could be of use. Is there need for a designated baseline measurement? Are fast surveys in changing segments of the organisation implemented? Are we to build dialogue-tools?


For an implementation, Beanmachine works with short-sprints of maximum 3 weeks. Every short-sprint ends with a condition report. We work with short iterations (analyses, design, development). When appropriate, we’ll organise energetic interventions with stakeholders of both parties, using our ‘smart machinery’. This way we’re able to generate the necessary impact and involvement within the broader organisation.
Every sprint will be settled by a report, an update, a dashboard, visuals, …

How do we want to work?

1. Intern ownership

We aim to involve as many people and experts of our customers. It’s them who have most expertise because they are part of the organisation and/or they’re taking part in the research process. Involving personnel has many advantages. At first it is cost-effective since you don’t have to employ freelance manpower. Also this guarantees better autonomy. Last but not least: the more people involved with the solution, the more it will be supported and carried-out.

2. Strong sponsors

Another principle of ours is: ‘tone at the top’. We’d never start off on a project when there’s no sufficient sponsorship and/or willingness at the top. Passiveness and negative role models at the top of an organisation are disastrous for any kind of change.

3. Intensive dialogue and cyclic assurance

We always propose to contract phase per phase. It’s important to establish the ‘line of sight’ at the beginning, but along the route we believe it’s necessary to review and adjust. We tremendously value an open and honest atmosphere. This implies that we are implementing fixed feedback meetings with our clients. The fact that we contract phase per phase guarantees these structural moments. We aim for a sustainable partnership on a long run, but we’d never propose an ‘open ended’ contract. We want our clients to remain ‘captain of the ship’ at all times.

Only this way real partnership will stay CONNECTED, ALIGNED AND RESPONSIVE.

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