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Habitat creates habit 

In today’s landscape, ‘experience’ is paramount. While many meticulously design products and services for consumers, how many truly design experiences for their employees, our internal clientele? At Beanmachine, we specialize in uniquely crafting the employee lifecycle. It’s time to rethink and redesign, one touchpoint at a time.

We've Bean there, now let's go there. Together.

In the span of nearly a decade, we’ve been honored to inspire and guide remarkable organizations on their employee experience journey. With a flair for design, we envision a workspace where employees thrive and leaders connect. Beanmachine’s can help you with different offerings, from individuals to a whole-system-approach:

  • Assessing and artfully redesigning your employee journey.
  • Delving into your employee lifecycle to refine every touchpoint.
  • Crafting defining moments in expansive interventions.
  • Nurturing leaders and champions who foster a sense of belonging.

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We know how to initiate change and how to anchor it sustainably


We combine our proven methodology with smart use of data

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