Stefanie Daelemans

Administration wizard - Ambitious athlete - Left-handed clumsiness

Why would you like to work with this Bean?

While she thinks she’ll be young forever, she does have a lot of years in administrative management behind her. Helpful as she is, she will go above and beyond when you have an issue. Even if she doesn’t know the solution herself at that time.  

She is always in for a good laugh as well, so make sure you use your funniest GIFS or memes when sending her an email 🙂

And when this Bean is not working

Whether it is swimming, running or cycling, you can be sure she will be on that Strava-feed in her time off!

She also enjoys long talks with her cute daughter (in which daughter talks and mommy listens). Wine helps with that.

Another few fun facts about her are that she drives a fierce motorcycle, she is a snowboardchick and she loves all kind of music. While she loves a dance festival or 2 in Summer, she also gets very excited for a heavy metal concert with her boyfriend. 

And last but not least, the laundry does not yet fold on his own, so until it does she will be stuck with this chore she guesses.

What makes this Bean boil?

Bad hair days and mosquitos (why do they even exist?)

Working days @ Beanmachine

  • Talking to everyone in sight
  • General office management
  • Developing financial skills