Meeting Magic and Facilitation Skills

Do you want to bring energy and interaction in your meetings? Do you want to make your (remote) meetings more attractive and dynamic? Especially now that a lot of them became virtual…

What's it all about?

On average, middle managers spend at least one third of their working time in meetings. Senior managers more than 50%. Unfortunately, most of those meetings are ill-prepared, are energy-draining, and end without clear decisions or validated actions. The hidden cost of this is enormous. Not only financially, but also mentally.

Key Ingredients

Whatever the kind of meeting, from a weekly team meeting to a full-day workshop. In person, remote, or hybrid. We can provide you with the tools and train the skills for productive and interactive meetings. You’ll learn the 4M’s of effective and energy-giving meetings: Mindset – Muscles – Method – Machinery. Our approach is based on years of experience, and full of great tips and tricks.

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