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Leadership Development

Playing to win: how strategic games shape high-performing teams at Beanmachine

Explore how games like ‘Challenging Assumptions’ and ‘Webmaster’ transform teams at Beanmachine, fostering psychological safety and innovative problem-solving. Learn how play and performance intertwine to redefine team dynamics in ‘Playing to Win: How Strategic Games Shape High-Performing Teams at Beanmachine’.

Leadership Development

We have a match!

Beanmachine, Effectis, and GreenPark: A partnership that benefits you! Boosting HR expertise for better service.

Leadership Development

Bartel Van Riet About Nature as a Catalyst for Self-Development

Bartel opens up about his philosophy, highlighting the profound impact of nature on personal well-being and self-development. He stresses the importance of consciously making time to interact with nature, whether you live in the city or countryside, and finding balance in our technology-driven lives. We also talk about the partnership between Beanmachine and Heartcore, which promises to offer unique and adventurous experiences inspired by nature.

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Leadership Development

Giving and receiving feedback in hybrid workspaces

In today’s rapidly evolving work landscape, hybrid workspaces have become the new norm, blending face-to-face interactions with digital communication methods. While this hybrid model offers flexibility and convenience, it also presents unique challenges, particularly when it comes to fostering a feedback culture.

Organization Design

6 Trends in the hybrid way of working

Up until a few years ago, we mostly used ‘hybrid’ when discussing cars. Now, after a period of working remotely, we’re experiencing a shift to

Organization Design

Fewer reporting lines, more storylines

As well-meaning as they are in implementing such performance-based reports, too often these systems function entirely to give people even more incentive to narrow the

Team Development

The power of the pack

Organizations operating as standalone entities? It is my sincere conviction they will cease to exist within a decade. We can no longer ignore the increasingly

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