Bartel Van Riet About Nature as a Catalyst for Self-Development

If you have ever wondered how nature can serve as a catalyst for personal growth, you will appreciate the wisdom shared in our latest interview with the inspiring Bartel Van Riet, a renowned advocate for nature. We had a profound conversation about the power of nature in the context of personal growth and self-development.

Growth and development through nature

Bartel embraced nature from the moment he could walk. “As a child, I was always fascinated by the world around me. It’s these early memories, exploring and experiencing nature, that made me who I am today.”

Bartel, in his own words, describes his relationship with the outdoors: “Nature has served as my personal playground and school. Experiences in nature, both small and large, can have a profound impact on personal well-being and self-development.”

He strongly believes in the challenges that nature offers. He goes on to emphasize a key concept in his life philosophy: “Self-relativization, the fundamental realization of our place in the universe, is crucial for personal growth. This is an insight that nature can provide in an impressively tangible way.”

As Bartel points out, one of the essential steps in personal growth is making a conscious effort to engage with nature: “Whether you live in a city or in the countryside, nature is never too far away. All it takes is a bit of curiosity and a willingness to explore what lies just over the hill.”

Moreover, he underscores the need to reconnect with nature in our increasingly digital lives: “We need to balance our dependence on technology with our inherent need for nature. It’s about finding harmony and keeping our innate connection with the world alive.”

From landscape designer to adventurer

 As a landscape designer, Bartel spends most of his days outside. “I spend at least half of my time outdoors, and I would like to raise that to 70%,” he told me. 

In his spare time, he explores nature with his children and dog, and takes care of his three cows. “Every day, nature brings me so much joy and satisfaction, and I try to share that love with others.”

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Heartcore: helping people connect with nature

Bartel’s exploration of self-development doesn’t stop at his personal experiences. He also touches upon the exciting collaboration between Beanmachine and Heartcore, which aims to bring adventurous experiences to others: “Our partnership offers unique experiences, inspired by nature and far from the beaten track.”

The aim of Heartcore, founded by Bartel, Suzanne Somers and Cravat Events, is to help people connect with nature and through that bond discover their true potential. Through adventurous journeys, Heartcore seeks to show participants how they can improve their personal and professional lives by forming a deeper connection with nature. Bartel explained: “Heartcore was born out of my passion for nature and the desire to help others discover what it can do for their well-being and self-realization. It’s a way to let people experience that there’s so much more than what we see in our daily, urbanized lives.”

He sums up Heartcore’s philosophy as “creating peak experiences – moments so intense and unforgettable that they leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s braving extreme conditions or observing the smallest details in nature, it’s about providing a life-changing experience.”

To me, our conversation was an inspiring reminder of the power of nature and the lessons we can learn by simply observing and being part of this larger world.

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