We Are Beanmachine!

A community of seasoned consultants. Or as we like to call ourselves: Beans. Every Bean brings his/her unique experience and expertise to the table — with a splash of bravery.

We’re down-to-earth and straight forward: not here to sell you big expensive truths, but to work and grow together with you.

We dare. We deliver.

Our mission is to build adaptive organizations where people and business thrive. Together.

Meet the Team

Bean Values


 Whilst keeping the mentality and drive of a start-up, we have grown into a solid business. With a team of Beans who have earned their stripes, ready to share their experience. 


We find authenticity important. In the end, consultancy is just about people helping people. And that works best in an open and honest interaction with our customers.

Gabba Gabba Hey!

Know that it isn’t all going to be stiff and serious, because a little craziness does wonders. Not only for ourselves, but also for our projects.   


We work collaboratively with our clients. No ultimate truths or complex theories, but always ready to get our hands dirty and make things happen. Together. 


We’re not afraid of firsts. We dare to look at ourselves and ask how we can improve to better help our clients. And we will challenge you to do the same. 

Ready to find some common ground?

Let’s sit down and we’ll pour you a cup of consultancy advice. With a spoonful of energy, and a shot of sparkling ideas.