Stien Michiels

Creative Soul - Uplifting - Embodied Leadership

Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Because she has the capacity to light up a room. As a creative jack of all trades with an open and inclusive spirit, she brings out the best in everyone. She loves unearthing hidden potential and wisdom, unafraid of challenging the status quo or calling Voldemort by name: that is how she leads and brings out leadership in others. Her secret mojo? A healthy mix of Power and Love (yes, she does use that word, with capital L), sharp wit, deep insight in and compassion for human behaviour, practical wisdom gathered from a range of art and embodiment practices, a knack for storytelling and ceremony, the openness of a beginner’s mind and decades of expertise and experience in working as a trainer, coach and facilitator with leaders, teams, and organisations of all kinds, in Belgium and abroad. Oh, and did we mention you might get her to – almost instantly – write a poem or song, just for you?

And when this Bean is not working

Ok, fasten your seatbelts. She retreats to inspiring places to write poems, songs, theatre plays and create audio-visual art; she steps on stage, performing as a singer-songwriter and spoken word artist (check out STI.LL on Spotify); she plays around in theatre rehearsal rooms, directing amateurs as well as professional actors; she organises house concerts in her living room; and you might also see her guiding a ceremony for friends or volunteering for We have the choice, the citizens’ movement she co-founded after the attacks in 2016. It might be hard to believe, but yes, she still finds the time to read, connect over a cup of coffee, learn new things, rest, take a bath, hug her cats, meditate, dance, play rikiki, beautify her roof terrace, go camping and take long walks in nature with her partner and stepdaughter.

What makes this Bean boil?

Hmmm. Difficult to say. Wise sayings like “There’s another side to everything” and “Nothing human is alien to me” have profoundly shaped her view on life. She does really dislike design cutlery with a sharp handle, does that count? And it might take her a little longer to turn around the proverbial medal when someone is consciously abusing their power.

Working days @ Beanmachine

  • Leadership development
  • Embodied Leadership
  • Interactive musical inspiration sessions on personal and relational skills in a changing world
  • Storytelling
  • Creative sessions and tracks for leaders and teams (theatre, clowning, writing, …)
  • Train the trainer
  • Team coaching