Greet Verhaest

Fish in HR water - People Connector - Team Coach

Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Because you get all her experience put into your practice. With a human touch of listening, challenging and giving you full attention. Be aware: Greet does probe and push until she gets to where it really matters, and sometimes hurts. She’s a brick by brick builder with strong focus on The Why. Positive, enthusiastic and inclusive.

And when this Bean is not working

Greet is a home maker… making home an inviting place to be, cooking for friends – husband & wife side by side in the kitchen (oh yes, people, it can be done). And when not home she is out looking after her animals, playing taxi driver for her daughter or just enjoying long walks (mostly in Pajottenland, preferably in Italy on hot summer days).

What makes this Bean boil?

Not much: she’s a live-and-let-live kinda gall… But okay, if you really want to know, over-excited radio footballreporters…. she just doesn’t get it.

Working days @ Beanmachine

  • Challenging your people strategy & processes
  • Designing your change programme with you
  • Change-Through-Leadership Development
  • Implementing ambitious HR-projects on site