Roel Lambrichts

Addicted-2-Progress - Coaching Mindset - Cycling & Hiking

Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Because he is passionate about new ideas, concepts and tools and has got a knack for actually implementing that stuff. Roel has been in national and international HRD and Line Management roles and knows what it takes to mobilise people and teams towards a common goal. He’s quick to grasp the crux of the matter and loves working in partnership with his clients to get the job done. His mantra is ‘Tough Love’: cut the crap and be challenging with the best of intentions.

And when this Bean is not working

Roel is a sports freak … mountainbiking, road cycling, running, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, … The best advice he ever got: “you should always go a little bit faster than what feels comfortable”. Okay, it does make him progress every day but it also means he’s got a bruise or two every now and then. His other two passions are reading (a lot!) and photography, mainly portraits of course, for the human touch, the connection, the joy of capturing the essence… again…

What makes this Bean boil?

Fixed ideas about life, about generations, about skills, about attitudes … if he notices any, you’ll see how he starts moving in his chair, getting impatient, getting fired up to start working on them.

Injuries preventing him to sport and work

Oh yes… and blurry eyes on a portrait, that too ….

Working days @ Beanmachine

  • Organisation Development
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Coaching & Development
  • On-site support