Véronique Demirjian-Gaupin

clarity - fun - sense

Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Ve is a very curious mind by nature and love to connect the dots. What she hears the most & hopes people will continue to see in her is her level of energy, how she enjoys having fun while working, how she fosters interaction and helplessly seeks common understanding and clarity. Through the years she has learned to be comfortable showing her true self, challenging others and expressing that she cares.

And when this Bean is not working

Often doing something new… travelling to a new place, trying a new activity, another sport or yet different food. Nowadays she’s excited by dog obedience training, jigsaws and renovation work. A constant is spending time and joking around with her kids.

What makes this Bean boil?

Bumps of sand in her shoes and socks.

Working days @ Beanmachine

  • Change management
  • Agile behavioral development
  • Leadership Development
  • Presentation skills and storytelling
  • Team performance
  • Team coaching and team mediation
  • Executive facilitation and coaching