Pieter Lauwers

Inspirator - Entrepreneur - Strategist

Why would you like to work with this Bean?

Because he is a guy that makes things happen. From organizing an event, tackling a tough discussion to managing a major project. His experience sharpens the definition of a ‘generalist’: programmer, trainer, project manager, president of a national youth movement, team lead, manager of a pop-up bar and lead of a large construction project. In his strong believe that people, business and society can strengthen each other, Pieter will bring a lot of energy to tackle any roadblock on the way towards that point of thrive.

And when this Bean is not working

He enjoys both the vibrant life of the city and the peace of the nature. You can find Pieter doing yoga in a crowded city park or partying on top of a mountain. Although his youthful ambition, Pieter enjoys his days like he would be retired. He follows his nose towards unexplored places, sportive challenges, and great food. Continuously stretching both his physical and mental limits.

What makes this Bean boil?

Restricted freedom in all its forms; when he has the feeling that he should conform, that there is limited trust or that there is no room for experiment.

Working days @ Beanmachine

  • Workshop & interaction design
  • Gamification and new ways of learning
  • Leadership development
  • Team coaching
  • Multiparty collaborations

And when he sees an opportunity to create a presentation, he will throw himself enthusiastically on a night long of searching for the right pictures, stories and metaphors.