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Beanmachine and Effectis: a robust partnership for the future

Winds of change are sweeping through the HR and consultancy landscape, and Beanmachine is poised to hoist the flag. Read on to discover what this partnership means for Beanmachine, our clients, and  for Effectis.

The moment has arrived! After eight years of dedication and growth, Beanmachine has found a partner that aligns perfectly with our vision: ‘To build adaptive organizations where people and business thrive. Together.’ This partner is none other than Effectis, a leading HR service provider in Belgium, with offices in Ghent, Kortrijk, and Temse. 

Beanmachine: a new chapter

To begin with, this partnership signifies a new chapter for Beanmachine. Founded in 2015, we’ve evolved into a renowned consultancy firm with a team of 20 professionals. With Bruno Vanneste as our new managing partner and the recent involvement of Effectis and GreenPark Investment Partners, we’re taking a bold step into the future, equipped with enhanced operational and financial resources to reinforce our mission.

To ensure our commitment to excellence, we have fortified our leadership team by welcoming two esteemed partner-shareholders: François and Kris. In collaboration with Jan, Hans, and Geert, they will direct their attention to client projects, business development, and the formulation of new methodologies—a domain where they truly thrive.

What Does This Mean for You?

You may be wondering, “What’s in it for me?” Simply put, with this collaboration, we can provide even better support for your challenges. At Beanmachine, we’re experts in designing journeys and mobilizing people through change. We excel in team and leadership development, creating an improved employee experience, and facilitating cultural transformations.

With Effectis by our side, we can elevate our expertise to new heights. Effectis brings substantial experience in internally and long-term supporting organizations to develop and excel their employees. This means we can offer an even wider array of services and help take your organization to new heights.

A Visionary Collaboration

Last but not least, GreenPark Investment Partners adds an extra dimension to this partnership. They support the ambitions of both companies with their extensive experience and pragmatic approach. Together, these three entities represent more than just a business agreement. It’s a collaboration built on shared values, combined expertise, and a shared vision to make a significant impact in the market and among clients.

Ready for the Future

In this new chapter, Effectis, Beanmachine, and GreenPark are eagerly looking toward the future. We’re determined to make an amplified impact in the world of consultancy and HR through this collaboration. And the best part is that you, our client, will reap the rewards of this new and powerful alliance.

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