The passionate CHRO: Karin Van Roy’s unconventional path in Human Resources

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to speak with Karin Van Roy, the current CHRO of Arvesta, you know that her approach to Human Resources is anything but traditional. For her, the role of the CHRO is much more than just managing the payroll or recruiting staff. It’s a  strategical role, about building and maintaining strong relationships, promoting open communication, and creating a culture where people feel appreciated and motivated. 

In a in-depth interview set to appear in our magazine in September, Hans Donckers gets the chance to talk with Karin about her career, her vision on HR, and how she has managed to bring about a transformation as a CHRO in an organization as deeply rooted in the agricultural sector as Arvesta. 

“I strongly believe that you can fall in love with a company and that this relationship must come from both sides. I quickly feel connected to a company and therefore easily speak of ‘we’ and ‘ours’,” Karin says during the conversation.

From legal to corporate

Karin’s story is one of passion and determination, but also of willingness to adapt and grow. She began her career as a lawyer with the noble ambition to “remove injustice from Flanders,” but soon realized that she was on a path that didn’t align with her principles. So, she transitioned to the corporate world, where she had the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of employees.

The importance of meaningful work

What makes this interview so interesting are the insights that Karin shares about the importance of meaningful work, and how organizations and employees can work together to achieve it. “It’s important that employees also take responsibility to indicate when they’re not happy and to look for possible solutions, both internally and externally,” explains Karin. 

Karin admits that creating such an environment is not easy, but she feels called in her role as CHRO of Arvesta to pursue this goal. It is her conviction that finding satisfaction in work is the responsibility of both the employee and the employer.

Building a culture of open communication

Part of this culture of fulfillment includes actively involving employees in decision-making and giving them the confidence to openly share their opinions. Karin notes that this culture of open communication was not always present at Arvesta, but that she, together with the company’s leadership and her team, has worked hard to promote it.

Redefining the role of the CHRO

Karin’s words provide a new perspective on the role of the CHRO. They are relevant for both HR leaders wanting to transform their own teams, as well as for employees who are looking for ways to make their career meaningful and satisfying. 

But this is just a small part of the story. In the full interview, Karin talks more extensively about her personal career trajectory, the challenges and opportunities within the agricultural sector, the pride and passion of her employees, and her call for more daring and pride in the Belgian business world. 

If you’re curious and want to hear the full story, sign up to read the full article in the magazine coming out in September! 

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