Output Management

Training on how to reduce your own operational workload and focus on your real role: bring vision and direction to your team members, and coach and develop them.

What's it all about?

Do you want to learn a way of looking at things that focuses on output and engagement? Do you often feel that time is short in a working day? As a leader, do you sometimes feel powerless in terms of responsibility, and do you feel that your employees do not (dare to) make decisions? Do you observe a lack of ownership and responsibility?

Key Ingredients

Output management offers you a framework and a way to do things differently, with a double effect: more efficiency and more involvement of employees. As a leader it helps you channel attention and energy to where it pays best. Not for, but together with your colleagues. This allows you as a leader to focus more on direction (where to go, and why) instead of always having to know how to get there.

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