Storytelling Bootcamp

Stories provide context, meaning and sense. In this skill drill leaders learn how to inspire and engage with storytelling.

What's it all about?

Facts and figures. That is what the world of business is all about. No subjectivity and emotional sentiments but in-depth analysis and complete objectivity. At least if tough decisions have to be taken… But what happens if more than just decision-making is required? What if we also really want to change something? This calls for another strategy. Not a strategy of telling people what to do but one that affects them, convinces them, and encourages them to act.

In this hands-on training, you will learn how to tell strong stories, your own stories, in a way that will inspire and engage your people.

Key Ingredients

Learn how to select the right story, structure it, and tell it in a compelling way. Everyone can capture an audience! At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • understand how their professional and personal experiences are a rich source of authentic stories worth telling;
  • be able to properly frame their story depending on the context- be able to apply the basic rules of good story structure to their own story
  • understand the principles for telling stories in an engaging and inspiring way
  • have worked out their own (business) into a story structure that is useful in their professional context.

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