BeanTalk: Leentje Demeester

Project lead ‘Cultural transformation’ at Fluvius

Moving away from transactional leadership with #allemaalfluvius

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In this captivating podcast episode with Bean Greet Verhaest, Leentje, Head of Competence and Leadership Development at Fluvius, invites listeners on a transformative journey as Fluvius embarks on a cultural revolution. Through the #allemaalfluvius movement, Fluvius seeks to foster shared leadership and decision-making, revolutionizing the way employees contribute to the company’s success.

Leentje shares the crucial role played by the leadership team, particularly CEO Frank, in driving this cultural shift. She explains how the three-phase approach—inspiring sessions, top management involvement, and team ownership—has been instrumental in instilling the new culture across the organization.

Furthermore, the podcast delves into the practical aspects of change, exploring how Fluvius addresses structures, processes, and systems to create an environment where autonomy and decision-making flourish. Through adjustments in processes and the introduction of practices like consent decision making, Fluvius empowers its employees to actively participate in shaping the company’s future.

Leentje also sheds light on the observable changes within teams and highlights inspiring examples of teams embracing the new culture, from interactive meetings to self-organization. However, she acknowledges the challenges faced by some leaders in fully embracing shared leadership and offers insights into how Fluvius provides support to help individuals navigate the transformation successfully.

If you’re eager to discover how Fluvius is fostering a culture of shared leadership, where every voice matters and employees are empowered to make a difference, this podcast is a compelling listen. Join Leentje as she shares the remarkable journey of cultural transformation at Fluvius and explore the positive impact it has on the organization and its people.

Podcast is in Dutch

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