Performance Review Cards

Introducing our "Performance Review Cards" – a unique and engaging tool designed to transform your mid-year review discussions into a more relaxed and meaningful experience. These cards are perfect for managers and employees looking to have open, constructive dialogues about daily performance, career progression, and personal development.

What's it all about?

Why do I need Performance Review Cards?

  • Facilitates Open Conversations: Break away from the formality of traditional reviews and create a comfortable environment for honest and impactful discussions.
  • Guided Dialogue: Both manager and employee receive the same deck of cards, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive conversation.
  • 30-Minute Sessions: Designed to fit into your busy schedules, these cards help you cover essential topics in a focused, half-hour discussion.

We believe that meaningful conversations are the key to professional growth and satisfaction. That’s why we’re offering four out of the seven cards as a free downloadable PDF on our website. These four cards will give you a taste of the transformative impact of our Performance Review Beer Cards.

To get the complete set of seven cards, including the physical, printed version, join us at our Explore&Learn on the 5th of November. Participants will receive the full deck, offering a more comprehensive tool to enhance your review process.

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