Addressing leadership challenges by bringing in data and putting the managers themselves at the steering wheel




Pfizer Puurs is a very successful production plant within the global pharmaceutical leader Pfizer. It not only played a crucial role in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also regarded as an important ‘launch site’ for innovative medication. The spectacular growth over the past years came with a continuous influx of many new employees, bringing with it additional leadership challenges.


Beanmachine was given a very clear assignment: stimulate our leaders so that they can support and guide this growth in their teams. Along the way, two observations are made in the internal project team:
1. We do want to add some science and data, keeping in mind the people aspect and the focus on personal development
2. We want to put the managers themselves at the steering wheel of what happens in their teams.

This question is also entirely within Beanmachine’s vision to not only bring energetic and impactful interventions, but also to substantiate them with science and data.


We used JiGSO Listen, so that managers could first measure what is going on in their teams around themes such as psychological safety, team effectiveness and inclusion. For each team, tools are provided, based on the results of the survey. These tools enable managers to take the lead within their teams to work on the results independently and at their own pace. Several consultation sessions were organized, where the results of the measurements were openly discussed between team leaders, internal supervisors, and HR employees. This created room for knowledge transfer: what works, what doesn’t work, and which tools should we use in a specific team context?


By allowing teams to work independently, more ownership is created and in general there is a much more positive response to team interventions.

In addition, the tools provided – unlike generic and company-wide coaching programs – are highly tailored to the needs of specific teams. As a result, team leaders and team members can identify with the issues and the proposed approach, generally achieving higher impact.

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