Train-the-leaders to implement self-steering teams




We were part of the design- and support team that guided the fusion of Eandis and Infrax into Fluvius and their evolution to a multi-utility player. The challenge was in developing the right leadership style in function of their new strategy and structure.


The objective was to support the leaders in their mindset shift and show them how they can contribute to it in their role. We wanted to empower them and provide them with the right tools to take up their role.


We designed a DIY toolkit for each self-organizing team to work with and to use in the process of defining their approach on shared leadership. We set up “Leadership Inspiration Days” and a pilot leadership training, all of this in coordination with a permanent sounding board of the HR project team. We set up an intake tool to address questions from the business side in a more focused way to make sure a higher ROI of interventions was guaranteed.Beanmachine also co-created a “Leadership Learning Journal” for the leaders full of useful tips and methodologies to work with themselves.
Examples of the tools included in this guidance: 7 levels of delegation, role selection, team board/capacity board, output management, 3 step meeting, consent decision making, retrospective, one-on-one feedback and peer review.


To this day, we are part of a multi-stakeholder team supporting the Fluvius teams in implementation of the Fluvius way of working.

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