Leadership development to drive a customer- and performance-oriented cultural change




As part of its corporate strategy, SNCB is committed to investing in its employees and ensuring their well-being and positive resilience. The focus on people is one of the commitments included in its operational plan, along with safety, customer experience, operational excellence…To make SNCB a more modern and efficient company that puts the customer at the center of its concerns, it is important to have an inclusive and sustainable leadership. To this end, they have developed a leadership model, #LeadingPROS, and deployed a leadership development and improvement program for top, senior and middle management.  Beanmachine had the opportunity to create and implement an impactful leadership program, turning the middle managers into tomorrow’s leaders.



Together with the L&D team of SNCB, which has set up a new leadership model #LeadingPROS, we designed and implemented a Leadership Program based on this model.
The aim was to create a leadership style within SNCB that would equip SNCB’s middle managers to meet the strategic challenges for the next 10 years, and to drive the customer and performance-oriented cultural change. SNCB also wanted to help the middle managers in accompanying the change within their operational teams. Starting with knowing themselves and taking care of themselves, so they can do the same with their teams.

The target group was the middle managers, from all departments : managers in charge of train attendants, technicians, call centers, commercial agents in stations, training teams… Often they have risen through the ranks within the SNCB and for many of them, this leadership program is the first one they have followed.



In total there were 175 participants – 7 groups of 25 participants.

The program was built as a development journey over several months, consisting
of :

  • 2 consecutive training days on Self Awareness & Take Care (Leading Self),
    Feedback Culture and Conflict Management (Leading Team)
  • 1 day of training on Change & NWOW (Leading Change),
  • Self-reflection activities and anchoring assignments around all the themes seen.


Modules  :
Self Awareness – Take Care – Create a safe environment – Feedback – Conflict
management – Change – NWOW


By designing with the Corporate culture team and testing the modules and methods on the first
groups, we created an impactful Leadership program turning the middle
managers into tomorrow’s leaders.

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