Dive into the vibrant and innovative universe of Beanmachine with the first edition of Beanzine! This magazine is your all-access pass to the cutting-edge ideas and practices in HR consulting, team development, and leadership transformation.

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Get a glimpse of what makes Beanmachine a trailblazer in the industry:

  • Inside Beanmachine: Founders Jan and Hans share the unique DNA and mission of our thriving community.
  • Customer chronicles: Stories from clients like Arvesta and Doctors Without Borders illustrate the power of effective teamwork.
  • Expert insights: Delve into the role of embodiment in leadership and the impact of HR Tech, with special features from Bartel Van Riet and Jochanan Eynickel.
  • New horizons: Discover our exciting partnership with Effectis and GreenPark Invest, a leap towards enriching our client relationships and services.


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