1000 people, 4 values, 1 company




Last year Profel, producer of windows and doors, reinvigorated their mission statement and company vision. Now Beanmachine was asked to bring alive the brand of Profel together with 1000 employees.


In a business with more than 1000 employees you can’t storm in like an elephant. Each person has a Profel history and perspective of his own, and brings individual narratives and priorities to the table. It is therefore important to discover how the soul of the business lives in the people, and how you create a like-minded community of people…. without it turning into chaos.



Together with the Profel management we made a blueprint of the current business model including the various methods, phases and people involved. A variety of Beanmachine canvasses were used to have a look at the business’ culture and values and their readiness for the future. This way a framework for the branding exercise got installed.


Subsequently, we brought 120 employees into the exercise. Six groups of differing types were composed to ensure each of the 1000 employees’ voice is heard. Within the defined framework these delegations dove deep into multiple exercises, compared and challenged each other’s insights, discussed values, brainstormed on actions.


All inputs and insights led to renewed values and a refreshed identity. The time was right to doublecheck these results with the entire organization. Beanmachine launched a survey to all 1000 employees with a massive response rate. The results helped to prioritize the actions that the people of Profel really wanted/needed to be taken.


The final step was to engage people actively in the refreshed Profel brand. Therefore internal roadshows were organized. Additionally Beanmachine developed a practical toolkit to transform all learnings into an action plan tailored to every context of work. Afterwards a sensitizing photo concluded the whole campaign.


The result was shared pride. Everyone got a chance to work on the face of Profel. Old-school and new-school alike. Managers and makers. Each person in the business got to feel a bit of ownership and now more clearly knows how to contribute to (the brand of) Profel. Because a business is its people. All 1000.

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