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Kind & Gezin


Kind & Gezin (organization for “Child & Family”) is a mainstay. Who has not dropped in to have their child measured and checked up on? If not, you yourself have probably been a pampered little rugrat up on their scale. Kind & Gezin is as ingrained in our lives as ‘pistolets’ at Belgian Sunday morning breakfast tables.

But there are no more certainties, even here! Young parents now find their information through many other channels as well. And more competitors offer similar services. Just how should a presumed untouchable organization like Kind & Gezin respond?


The client is always key. And even if you see hundreds of parents every day, that doesn’t mean you actually know them (although it does give you a head start in mapping your customer journey). If on top you want this view to be both integrated and adaptive, you need a strongly connected dialogue between all crucial players in your organization’s value chain. Quite a challenge in large organizations like Kind & Gezin that reach every corner of the country. But it simply is a bare necessity if you want your organization ready for the future. Any future. Who knows one day it is all about robot babies that you order online.


Bring the entire value chain together, we stated? And so we did (and yes, again, this demands an effort).

At the gathering itself it took us just a few minutes to convince this large group of the power they could produce by co-creating as an open network. And it took us just a few seconds to persuade them to do so… by drawing and playing. And no, not just because the word ‘child’ appears in the organizations’ name.

  1. Drawing in real time! The customer journey now got visualized enabling to discuss it on the spot and make real-time adjustments. Images also help when too much bla bla threatens to impede collaboration.
  2. Role playing with hats. Each hat with the name of the target group printed on it immediately puts you in the customer’s shoes. Much easier to empathize with the behavior of each role (trust us). Consider, for example, what a nurse’s suit does in a certain context.
  3. Creating a common language, with an instruction booklet. K&G services an incredibly large number of different target groups and stakeholders. By simply converting all those parties into visual graphics, you can create scenarios that are clear to everyone at a single glance.


Actually all we did was give a new pair of eyes (being a set of tools along with methodology).  It was Kind & Gezin itself that developed a fresh perspective and broader vision. Suddenly looking at problems or challenges started leading to renewing solutions. Looking deeper into what moves and motivates the parent, allows a better understanding that leads to better service. On top incorporating colleagues’ perspectives creates a mutual vision boosting overall performance.

So if you meet someone from K&G giving you over-the-top attention (or asking you about online baby robots), you now know they only have the best in mind for you.

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