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As an expert in smart consumer and business data, Bisnode plays in a a fast changing context, facing lots of challenges both at technical and legal level (GDPR). In order to win the race, the Bisnode executive committee developed a new strategy with a clear intention to involve its employees in a new culture of co-ownership, customer orientation and agility.


Strategy engagement is so underrated in companies! A PowerPoint won’t do the work, we needed to develop a different kind of skills and intervention magic to align people on the Why, How and What of a new business strategy. In order to make that happen Beanmachine insisted on one thing particularly: the main philosophy behind Bisnode’s new strategy should already be the mindset of all (!) people involved in the launch of this strategy. And so we agreed that every next step would now be agile, co-creative and customer focussed.


No sweat no glory and so first we asked the executive committee to roll up their sleeves and set the example. They worked really hard on clarifying Bisnode’s desired culture, determining key messages, and figuring out all stakeholders to be involved. Business Strategy met Social Architecture here… quite a strong marriage!

The next step was to install a design team of stakeholders, with co-workers from all parts of the company. Facilitating these design workshops was a real joy: the endless energy and huge amount of fresh ideas, it made working with the enthusiastic people of Bisnode hardly feel like working. The main output was the design of and roadmap towards an energizing and participative company day to launch the new strategy company-wide.

Here is what the co-design of the “Believe & Connect” company day looked like:

  • Connecting the glorious past with the challenging future, with a giant timeline where participants could stick their picture, (funny) stories and company milestones. What a heritage!
  • Setting the scene by the CEO starting from the why of the company and the new strategy. Followed by a voice up dialogue between CEO and coworkers. Mind the flying microphone!
  • Bringing the customer in the room by creating different personas of clients with their specific needs. Next participants go prototyping solutions for these customers with tangible material and toys.
  • Exercising new agility skills with a marshmallow contest.
  • Getting inspired (and confronted) by the CHRO on new culture and creating participation through a large Kahoot poll session on new behaviors.
  • Mapping hopes & fears with card sets, enabling deep dialogue and translating the new strategy & culture in a one-size-does-not-fit-all team action plan canvas.
  • Wrapping up by the CEO and call to action.
  • Party! Oh, what a party!


Co-creation. Reconnection with the heritage. Sharing stories. Bisnode’s company day (and the journey towards it!) created a clarity on its new strategy and culture that was far beyond just words. On top, by involving all participants that day in already preparing the roll out for the next phase, this strategy engagement effort proved all but a flash in the pan. The Believe & Connect program provides the company with sustainable seeds to accomplish their desired change.

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