From 2 businesses and 2.580 people to 1 culture in 237 days




In today’s market, what makes a strong brand? Unity. It was a smart move for Belfius to combine banking with insurance. The vision: to bring two entities together with one voice toward the future.


The metaphor of a newly composed family proved to be useful. Only in this case with a thousand kids. It helped us to guide our focus on potential problem areas. For example, which kids are ready for a new stepparent? How to keep stepbrothers and sisters happy and on the same page? We decided to acknowledge the value of the old family constellation, and to help combine everyone into a newer, richer, bigger family. Gains through synergy.


During such a project it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse. With a Bean on site. So every concern could be addressed immediately. Every team challenge was but a quick custom workshop away. Awareness and culture was managed step by step. We hear you thinking: “How on earth can a Bean help with all possible questions?” Well, you’re right: one Bean can’t. But that’s where the Bean team comes in. Each of our Beans has his or her specific wealth of experience and an ability to detect things that normally fly under the radar. A team of MacGyvers, you could say, but without the 80’s hairdo.

And there is another important helping hand, or better: a helping eye. A project of this breadth, involving dozens of teams can’t be led blindly. This is why we use our Birdseye technology to set up a fully customized tool to inquire, to monitor, to observe. It’s an interactive platform that registers what is happening in real-time.

At Belfius, the tool is fueled by the ADKAR methodology to capture the data on the change process. It allows us to intervene when necessary and to advise on next steps. It’s like taking comfort in a baby monitor in your children’s room. If we detect something that requires attention, we’re there in no time. We can follow in real time on the macro level and intervene on the micro level, thanks to a smoking hot heatmap.

Every team challenge was but a quick custom workshop away. Awareness and culture were managed step by step.


With our tools and help – quick action workshops, custom toolkits, etc – we see that every day we gain ground toward functional integration. Each movement brings up new questions. This is good. In this way, we can deal with the growing pains that naturally arise.

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